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I want to help others create and mold a new relationship with all kinds of food.  80% of your immune system is located in your gut.  What you feed your gut allows yourself to meander through life.  It allows you to live and grow.  Think clearer and smarter.  It is what makes you strong, it is what makes simply put,  you.

Having trouble losing/gaining weight?

Do you feel tired/drained throughout the day?

Are you hungry first thing in the morning?

Cannot sleep at night?

Do you fight depression/anxiety?

Curious about an allergy?

Having stomach pains?

Menstrual problems?

Is your skin not as healthy as it once was?

Do you really know what you're eating and the affect it has on your body? I will work with you all along the way to help guide you to a better healthier you.


Treatment Options

Everything about our body involves team work.  Digestion has to be working in order to properly break down fats.  Fats are needed for hormonal communication from cell to cell connections and are critical for our entire endocrine system.  Water (hydration) depends on electrolytes (minerals) for proper absorption and makes up 60% of our total body mass.  Our body only produces 8% of water, the rest must be from an outside source.  The connections in our body are endless and each one is holding hands to help the other succeed and function properly.


FREE 30-Minute Consultation

Lets get to know each other and discuss what is happening and how we should proceed

Functional Evaluation $225

FE is a hands on portion that consists of lingual-neuro, muscle, reflex, and energetic testing in order to further assess your bio-individual needs.  (includes Nutritional Analysis & Allergy/Mineral Testing)

Follow-Up $75

Anyone who chooses the Functional Evaluation will become a full-time client and be able to call me at weird hours of the day.  Each time I see you I will assess your progress and retest areas in need.  Our body is always changing therefore needing constant adjustments

Neuro Nutrition Therapy $65/hr

Over time our minds and bodies tend to slow down.  The most crucial nutrients for early recovery, however, are amino acids.  They are necessary for the creation of proteins, enzymes, hormones, mental stabilization, neurotransmitters, and everything else that takes part within the human body.  Amino Acids are also used to treat a variety of conditions including, Parkinson's disease, restless leg syndrome, anxiety, depression, ADD, migraines, addictions, and more...

Food Allergy Testing $50/hr

Our body's have 3 reactions.  Digestive, Healing, and Allergic.  By assessing what you may be exposed to and relieving harmful stressors your body will adjust in surprising ways